4 Reasons to Choose Leather over Fabric

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Leather furniture

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One of the most difficult decisions when it comes to buying a sofa is choosing either leather or fabric. We’ll run through 4 reasons why you’d pick leather over fabric.


Real leather is one of the most durable materials on the market. With proper care and maintenance, a leather sofa will last a lifetime. Most leather sofas will be treated with a clear top coat that protects the leather from water and dirt stains.

Leather is made by skinning the hide of an animal. The hide is then tanned to prevent decomposition. The hide is then split into 2 pieces, known as top grain and split grain leather. If you’ve decided on leather, top grain is the best choice for durability. Split grain should only be used on low wear areas, such as the back of the sofa. The combination of top grain leather and split grain leather will save you money yet still provide you a durable leather sofa.

Status Symbol

Leather is typically associated with status. You’ll find leather in most offices because of this. Leather is more expensive than fabric so it’s seen as a status symbol. Another reason is that each piece of leather is completely unique, because of the markings and natural lines of the animal. In that sense it isn’t a mass produced piece and no one else will have the same leather sofa you have.

Ages Well

Like wine, leather only gets better with age. Leather is a natural product, so over time, leather becomes much more soft and supple. While it becomes softer over time, it’ll still retain its durability. Win win!

Perfect for Families

The durability of leather is great for young kids. They can spill drink and food on a leather sofa all day without damaging the sofa itself. Leather holds up much better than fabric when it comes to pets as well.

Leather is durable, gets better with age, perfect for families and ages very well. Fabric also many pros, such as versatility and it’s generally cheaper. When it comes down to leather or fabric, personal preference should ultimately decide which one you get.

Author: Sam

Samantha Winterland (Sam) is the owner and creator of Best Home Ideas. Having graduated from the Withehouse Institute of Design Australia, she has devoted her blog to exploring the latest innovations in interior design. Sam admits she loves everything DIY and is always ready to face a new challenge.

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