What Are the Top 2020 Technological Trends in Security Systems?

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Security alarm keypad with person arming the system concept for crime prevention

In recent years, you will come across a considerable level of technological advancements, be it in mobile technology or the appliances. These up-gradations have helped many programmers and engineers develop solutions for the issues that persisted for a long time—one such area where technological advancements have significantly impacted the security industry.

Previously, the security system consisted of faulty technologies. Hence the cases of theft and break-ins continued to rise. The updates have made it possible for the engineers to create more robust security systems for commercial and domestic uses.

As security is becoming a growing concern, you need to consider the recent trends that this industry has seen. In this article, we will be discussing the top security trends that you can find in the market.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is gaining more and more popularity with each passing day. Many companies have changed their software applications to work on AI, which makes the entire system more productive and efficient. AI uses human intelligence power and modifies the specifics to offer more efficiency.

Cameras and other security systems with artificial intelligence can provide more protection than the normal ones. This technology can be used for both cyber and physical security systems. Here are some of the domains where AI security technology has become successful:

  • Military drones
  • Data security system
  • Domestic surveillance cameras
  • Surveillance of areas against any physical barrier

Biometric and voice-controlled security system

Previously biometric controlled security systems were only used in commercial and military purposes. With the up-gradation of the technology, however, you can find biometric controlled systems for domestic purposes.

If you are planning to install an automated security network at your home’s main door, you can choose the biometric and voiced controlled systems that will work only for specific persons. It means that the gate will open only when it recognizes your voice and your biometrics. It will not work for any unauthorized individual.

Cloud security commercial systems

Another major trend in the security systems that you can observe is cloud technology in cybersecurity methods. If any infrastructure is built on a cloud-based system, the cloud computing security provisions and policies can prevent breaches, data thefts, and other kinds of cybersecurity. Here are some real-life examples of cloud security system:

  • Protecting the data systems against any theft
  • Development of the SaaS and the IaaS security models
  • Virtualization of data and infrastructure
  • Pattern recognition technique to prevent intrusions
  • Double layered encryption coding

Capturing multi-dimensional images

Typically, the CCTV cameras you see use the lens to provide visual feeds, both in images and videos. With this camera system, however, the most common problem is the vision range. For example, if you buy a camera having a transmission range of hundred meters, you will see everything within this mentioned radius.

If something is there outside the hundred-meter radius, the camera will not capture the images.  You will be glad to know the new and updated CCTV security systems can now detect objects based on the camera sensors.

For example, when a camera has motion sensors installed in its structure, it generated feeds based on any object’s motion within the range. Solar arrays are now used in the street cameras, enabling them to detect the horn of any car automatically. If a CCTV camera is integrated with the radar technology, you will have a distance range beyond the camera’s standard specification.


Now that you are aware of the most modern trends of the security systems, you will secure domestic and commercial interests with these technologies. So, pick up a trend which seems more promising and start searching for the best security system.

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