Mum Knows Best: Cleaning Tips for Grown-Ups

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Does it bother you that when you reach a certain age, you realise that many of the tips and wise words of your mother turn out to be nothing but the truth, despite you rebellion against them. Yep, I’m right in the phase where I am forced to admit Mum knows best”. Naturally, it doesn’t apply to all the aspects of my life but one thing is for sure – when you are a grown-up, mum’s cleaning tips are the best housekeeper’s guide one can ask for.

Mum’s Golden Cleaning Rules

1. No window is clean until the blinds and curtains are shining and spotless as well – Cleaning the windows is an unpleasant chore, so I’m thankful that I only need to do it once a season. I know, it might not be enough according to my neat-freak (and I say that with all the love I feel) of a mother, but it still is as often as I am willing to do it. However, once I have scrubbed them clean, the last thing I want is to have more tasks on my daily To-Do list, so I used to neglect cleaning the curtains.

The end result – my windows never looked as shiny and spotless as I would have liked. In the end, I was forced to face the harsh truth – mum was right wiping the glass is only half a job done when it comes to window cleaning.

2. Clean on the go – Oh, how much I have always resented that tip! Until one day, I realised I needed to give it a try. When you look at a person cleaning on the go, you might think that he/ she is rather frantic (not to say plain crazy), yet as it turns out, most of the organizing and tidying gets done without you putting any additional efforts! Even the cleaners in Forest Hill will agree with mum that cleaning as you go is the clever thing to do.

3. Make a cleaning schedule and stick to itPlanning has never been one of my best qualities, so I have always preferred to go with my gut when cleaning is due. Mould and mildew on the tiles – work in the bathroom. The microwave is smelly and stained – have to clean that next. So, my list of chores always received new additions, and my home never looked nearly as neat as my mum’s. In the end, I gave up and assembled a cleaning schedule.

At first, it was on a weekly basis but over time I got the hang of it, and decided that I could try expanding it. Now, I have a seasonal, monthly, weekly and even daily list. Surprisingly, my home looks better than ever, even though, I don’t spend hours deep cleaning the place.

My Conclusion – Mum Knows Best!


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