How to Re-Use an Old Mascara Wand

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Mascara and shades

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There is something no girl can go without – a high-quality mascara in her purse. While we find it perfectly acceptable to spend a certain amount of money on a reputable product or the latest, introduced on the market by our favourite brand, once the magical substance finishes, we are left with an empty package… and this happens at least once every month or so…

Instead of throwing the mascara bottle and wand away, you can try some of my suggestions, inspired by A Thrifty Mrs, on how to re-use an old mascara wand. The good news is that, unless you plan on going make-up-less, you will have an endless supply of old mascara wands, and you can start collecting them for various purposes as soon as your current mascara gets empty.

Phase 1. How to Re-Use an Old Mascara Wand for Cosmetic Purposes:

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1. Eyebrow Brush

Once you clean up the wand from the leftover mascara, you can use it to brush your eyebrows. It is an effective way to deal with the bushy eyebrow effect you gen on some mornings when you haven’t slept that peacefully. In case, the little hairs are feeling particularly naughty, and won’t succumb to brushing, you can spray some hair spray on the wand, and put an end to the eyebrow-rebellion.

2. Separate Eyelashes

Surely, you have figured out this one on your own, but I can’t help but put it on my list. Old mascara wands are the best solution to dealing with eyelashes that have been “glued together” due to your generous application of mascara. It also does the trick, if you need to get rig of mascara clumps.

3. Dye Your Roots

Unlike the useless brushes that come in packages with the hair dye, a mascara wand has some natural flexibility, and can help you get more coverage when sorting out your roots. With the wand, you can really get to “the bottom of the story”, and get every single root generously covered in dye.

Phase 2. How to Re-Use an Old Mascara Wand for Cleaning Purposes

1. Clean Small Items Like Delicate Jewellery or Breaded Accessories

Whether you need to get the dust out of your braided bag, or you want to clean the debris on a beautiful, detailed piece of jewellery. To remove dust bunnies, you can just use a clean mascara wand. Depending on the type of jewellery, like silver for instance, you might also need to apply some cleaning detergent – vinegar and baking soda paste does miracles for me.

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2. Clean the Aerator of Your Kitchen Sink

If you have a newer kitchen sink, you must have an aerator on the end of the “hole” from which the water comes out. It has the awful habit of getting clogged with limestone from the running water. However, the good news is that you can take it out, and give it a good rub with the mascara wand, and the icky stuff will come off. In addition, you can also shove it up the “hole” of the water pipe, and give it a nice clean up job, too.

3. Unclog a Drain

Sometimes, all you need to unclog your drain is to stick an old mascara wand down it, and wiggle it, until you manage to fish out the piece of food (my favourite “clogger” are spaghetti) that has been causing you that much trouble. Cleaners at Kensington believes that you can even use the wand to distribute the drain-unclogging detergent of your choice. However, you need to wear rubber gloves to prevent your skin from coming in contact with the substance.

One last tip, don’t forget to clean your mascara wand before you decide to re-use it for any of the described purposes.



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