Spring Make-Over

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Spring is in the air! Time to do some spring cleaning and get ready for the new season. Whether you are looking to do slight enhancement or major overhaul here are some pointers to get you started.

First identify what it is you aim to do, then get an inspiration notebook to keep all your ideas in one place. I suggest the following pointers to assist you in getting ready for spring new look 2014:

cosy living room

Image via pixabay.com

  1.  Cut-out or make a copy of the inspiration room picture you so desire.
  2. Next, get yourself a notebook to help you get organized.
  3. Paste the inspiration image in your notebook, and use that page as your concept page.
  4.  Once you have your concept page, identify the elements and items that you will be needing to change or add. Some example of this can be: choosing new colors for the walls, getting new lamps, replacing an existing rug, etc.
  5. Keep this list in your notebook and don’t forget to take it with you when you go shopping!
  6.  Look for those items you already listed, and remember to always use the concept image as a reference a guide to your design – do not get side tracked with the items you like randomly!
  7. Keep referring to your list and stay focused on your inspiration concept.

Now that you have your 7 pointers to help you stay on track let’s look at the “IN” colours according to Pantone Colour trends for spring 2014.

Colour is super important and sometimes we shy away from bold colours but as long as you pick one main colour and use it as an accent colour then it can tie the rest of the space rather nicely.


Here is a great way to accessorise your space with some Celosia Orange. If you’re just looking for a simple enhancement to your space, you can add accent pillows, or choose a nice piece of art work to complement the pillows and the gray, adding a pop of color to enhance the space without having to change too much, patterns seem to be dominating the scene this spring as far rugs go. Here is a beautiful example of how to make patterns work in your space. Use neutral tones for the walls and accentuate with a nice pattern rug.

Whether you are trying to enhance or add colour this spring, just remember to keep your ideas together and not lose focus on the ideal style you are looking for. Lots of bold colours can be used this spring to accentuate and layer with home accents. When in doubt refer to your inspiration image and have fun creating your new space for spring.

Beatriz Maggio

Beatriz Maggio

Beatriz Elena Maggio is an Interior Designer, Blogger, Stager, Feng Shui Consultant and Home Stylist. She has appeared in Home Staging Show for Mega TV Open House Puerto Rico. Inspired by an anything relating to furniture, home accents, textiles, among other elements of design are Elena’s inspiration. Elena created Urban Loft home décor e-boutique to bring the best home accents items to your doorstep. She has over 10 years’ experience in the Interior Design and has worked in United States, Venezuela and Puerto Rico.
Beatriz Maggio

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