Lamp Shade Love: Be Bold With Prints & Textures

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Bold lamp shade prints are back in a big way this season with colourful patterns adding a quirky sense of personality to any space. Creating a visual story by incorporating different colours and shapes in any room of the home gives it a sense of purpose and is the ideal way to make it your own. Lamp shades offer a fast and easy way to do this.

Floral lamp shade in white and purple

Leaf printed lamp shades are popular in nature-inspired and boho interiors. Keep it contemporary and chic with a crispy white drum lamp shade featuring a bold leaf pattern in either a neutral brown or black.

white lamp shade with metallic gold feathers Metallic colours and textures are going to continue to rise in popularity as we head into summer. To add some instant shine to any room in your home a reflective silver or gold lamp shade is the perfect option.

cow print lamp shade in black and whiteFor monochrome lovers a modern shade with a quirky design adds fun to home offices and hallway table lamps that otherwise go unnoticed. For something a little daring, a large cow print lamp shade offers an unexpected ‘wow factor’ to a room full of block colours. It appears as if we are going to be seeing more of the classic black and white cow print as it makes a bit of a comeback.

A modern take on floral patterns means strong designs in white and cream set upon deep purple and wine coloured backgrounds.

Shapes and geometric designs are still really popular with triangular and square patterns not appearing to wane in popularity just yet.

black and white lamp shade with feathers printFabrics lampshades are great for adding another layer of texture to a living area or bedroom. Consider the fabric type and colour of your furniture if you are thinking of purchasing a fabric lamp shade to ensure it doesn’t clash with what’s already in the room.

Whether you have a drab looking table lamp or a floor lamp that’s in need of a makeover, a fresh lamp shade can really work wonders!

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