House of Bottles

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House of bottles

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There are 1001 ways to recycle and help protect the environment. From separating your residential waste in different containers to using energy saving appliances. However, some home-owners use their creativity to build houses from the most unusual materials.

While the concept of using bottles to make dwellings is not a novelty, I am fascinated with the patience and determination of one person. Tito Ingenieri an Argentinian artist has utilised over six million recycled glass bottles to build a magnificent home for himself and his pet Captain Nemo. The incredible structure is known as ‘Casa de Botellas’ or ‘House of Bottles’.

The artist has been working on this project for 21 years. Years of gathering glass bottles, cleaning them and arranging them layer after layer until the entire unit was complete. In an interview for Argentina Independent, the 57-year-old sculptor states:

You could say that I’m one of time’s castaways. I am an art labourer and I didn’t have a house so I decided to make one

Just like that Tito made the decision to build what is by far one of the most extraordinary homes I have ever seen. The persistence and love with which the artist has gathered each bottle and then laid it so that it fits the gigantic puzzle that is ‘Casa de Botellas’. However, the bottle structure is by far not the only inspiring thing about his home. Everyday items turned into enchanted art pieces lurk behind every corner of the establishment.

After 21 years of recycling, upcycling and manual labour, Tito’s own home is now open for visitors. As you can see from the pictures below its interior is even more dazzling than the exterior. There is only one thing we would like to remind. Cleaning glass bottles is hard enough on its own but when you throw in that they have been left to the mercy of nature elements, it gets even more difficult.

Making the Bottle House

With a framework made of re-claimed iron, the structure has an unusual shape which totally corresponds with Ingenieri’s personality and style. Just like the rest of the construction is created from re-purposed materials like the glass bottles, the main framework incorporates 50-year-old wagon wheels and even port-hole windows. Thanks to the stable foundation, the aggregated pressure from the bottles is relieved preventing the bottles from shattering into million pieces.

Tito’s bottle house not only showcases his creativity and vision, it also stands as a monument of community spirit. Most of the bottles – different in shape, colour and style, are donated by local clubs and even authorities. Beer bottles find their rightful spot right next to champagne ones in an unanimous and dazzling design. With help from a small but dedicated army of helpers, Mr Ingenieri has created what is in my humble view one of the most compelling constructions I have ever seen – a castle of creativity.

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Samantha Winterland (Sam) is the owner and creator of Best Home Ideas. Having graduated from the Withehouse Institute of Design Australia, she has devoted her blog to exploring the latest innovations in interior design. Sam admits she loves everything DIY and is always ready to face a new challenge.

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