Combine Two Opposing Styles To Harmonise Your Home

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Whether you’re moving in with your significant other or you’ve just had a new flat mate move in, combining interior design styles isn’t always as easy as it appears at first glance. Here we’ll run through some helpful tips for combining interior styles to create a harmonious home that represents the both of you.

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Create an eclectic space

When you have two juxtaposing interior styles working together in one room, you have what’s called an eclectic interior style. ‘Eclectic’ is all about creating the perfect mish mash of different styles, in a way that works. The key is to not divide the space with pockets of one style or the other, but rather to completely combine the two looks in each and every corner of the home.

Look at different ways to layer the two looks

Certain interior design styles lend themselves towards being the base for the home. Scandinavian interiors for example are very minimalistic and use often neutral colour palettes. If you combine this look using Scandinavian furniture items and wall colours with perhaps retro accents for example using lamps, artworks and textiles, you can seamlessly layer the two interior design styles to create a stand out and unique look in your home.

Mix in a third style

Create a brand new interior you both love by incorporating yet another style. If you both have always loved an interior style that compliments both of what you already have, use this as a transitional style to tie both of your styles together in the one space. Or choose a neutral style, something you both don’t might, which will be subtle enough to compliment and blend your two opposing designs.

Use theme decor elements to pull rooms together

Certain aspects of your home décor will help complete each room in your home. For example, you may want to invest in new lighting accents that work well with your new interior style, or pull your eclectic dining room together by investing in a large overhead pendant lamp.

Rugs are also a wonderful way to pull different styles together in the one space. By adding these elements you’ll help to create a cohesive look in every room of your home.

Communicate and discuss your ideas

If you are moving in with someone and you both have the entire house set up, it’s time to decide on which items will work best with one another’s possessions, and look at how you are going to store, sell or get rid of the rest.

Pair back

Don’t let either style overwhelm the other by pairing back what you both currently have. You don’t want the space to look overcrowded or cluttered.

Just because you and your partner or new housemate don’t share the same interior design taste doesn’t mean either of you can’t enjoy the new home you’ve created together. Use the above tips to develop a cohesive look throughout your home that both of you can appreciate and enjoy.

Author: Sam

Samantha Winterland (Sam) is the owner and creator of Best Home Ideas. Having graduated from the Withehouse Institute of Design Australia, she has devoted her blog to exploring the latest innovations in interior design. Sam admits she loves everything DIY and is always ready to face a new challenge.

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  1. Many of times i see this issue and problem when two people who think they know each other move in together and end up hating each others style because it ends up clashing with their own individual style and it really takes people who are willing to compromise to make things work.

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  2. Excellent. I think this is not just combining two opposing styles but combining two (or more) persons’ taste which can be complicated. If things still don’t work after trying all the tips here, I suggest seeking help from a professional to be safe and to not waste buying things that will not compliment on the opposing styles being used. Having a third person’s expertise will be worth it.

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