Christmas Party Don’ts

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That embarrassing time of the year is near once again – the time for the office Christmas party. There is something about it every year that makes me shiver with fragmentary memories, drowned in excessive consumption of alcohol. Not that I am that much of a party animal or that I lack self control, there is just something in the air that drives even the quietest, most level-headed people to go extremes.

In my mind, the worst part is that there is always someone with false good intentions who makes pictures, or even videos, of everyone’s most embarrassing moments. This year, I have my mind settled on changing everything up, and leaving the Christmas party with my dignity intact! The only question is how to do it…

Basically, I need to research what drives everyone insane. Is it the ridiculous festive clothing which most of the colleagues deem mandatory, or the “opportunity” to showcase their inner party animal, and “glamorous” out-of-the office style? Most importantly, how do we all manage to show our worst, and keep our jobs – a mystery… Without further ado, I will offer you my conclusions, and, naturally, a list of Christmas party don’ts:

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1. Don’t Wear Christmas Decoration

You may be the greatest Christmas enthusiast of all times but, frankly, save the overly-Christmas-y behaviour for your loved ones. At the office, no one will be thrilled to see you wearing a tinsel instead of a belt, or using garlands instead of necklaces, letting baubles dangle on your years, braiding mistletoe in your hair (especially if you are over 20), and so on. In a couple of words leave the Christmas tree decoration in peace, where it belongs.

2. Don’t Go All Out with the Party Dress

You might want to showcase your perfect figure, which usually stays semi-hidden underneath the business suit but try to restrain yourself from going overboard with the little black dress. You want to show off your legs – that is fine by me, as long as all everyone sees are your legs and nothing north of them, no matter how passionate you dance.

3. Don’t Take Out the Reindeer Sweater

Unless you are invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party, don’t even think of going to the office party with one. Not only will you look ridiculous, especially if you are anywhere near a colleague who has decided to dismiss my warning number two. There is no woman or a man in the world that will think it is cute, tolerable perhaps, but not cute.

4. Don’t Abuse the Alcohol

While the idea to let yourself go, and have all the fun you have been missing on during all those late nights in the office, the office Christmas party is not quite the right place to do so. Cleaning at Northcote reports of an alarming number of employees “messing” up the office after an uncontrolled alcohol intake. Not only is it embarrassing to have the cleaners take care of your post-party mess, but even worse, you might screw up your chances of promotion.

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5. Don’t Even Think of Using Your Colleague’s Tie as a Napkin

It has happened to me, and it wasn’t the happiest moment in my life to have my favourite white dress ruined with spaghetti sauce. One of the office managers was a bit tipsy, and mistook it for a napkin – talk about trying classy attire for the office Christmas party.

Last but not least, DON’T give this post more credit than it is worth! The idea behind organising an office Christmas party is for the entire team to bond, and have fun – so try to do that, even if you feel best with your reindeer sweater on!



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