Art For Your Home – Do You Dare?

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Living room

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Adding intricate accents to your home décor is the best way to make your property pop out. From unusual vases, pettite coffee tables, comfy cushions and cosy blankets there are hundreds of ways to spruce up your interior design. Still, adding a dazzling piece of art as an interesting focal point is one of the best ways to make a strong statement. A blank dull wall could become your favourite place in the entire room thanks to a gorgeous oil painting. A piece of art can set (or re-set) the mood in the space making it more interesting, sometimes even more intense. However, many people shy away from investing in paintings, digital prints, sculptures and other pieces of art.

Some home owners don’t consider themselves art savvy, while others are more concerned about the high prices. Bottom line being very few home owners actually muster up the confidence to make a purchase. While experts don’t advice you to buy art as a long-term investment, they do condone getting a piece for passion. Nevertheless, you need to follow a few essential tips, if you want the art to enhance your rooms and not dominate them with art. With a carefully considered piece of art, you can create a stunning focal point, an intimate conversation area or simply augment the natural flow of the space.

Match the Scale of the Room

A well selected piece of art neither dominates a room nor gets lost in it. To make a right choice, you need to have in mind that the proportions of the piece must match these of the rest of the space. Let’s assume you want to hang a painting above the sofa in your living room. One way to match the right scale is to look for a piece that is almost the same size as the piece of furniture below it, thus creating a sense of harmony.

Sometimes, it’s hard to fall in love in a big piece of art or you just want a design that looks more out-of-the-beaten-path. In this case, you should try the “Rule of Three“. Experts apply the rule both to three-dimensional pieces and paintings as it gives a sense of scale. Instead of purchasing a single big piece of art, you can get three items with roughly the same size. You can play around with them and set them over the space a single big piece of art would take up.

Moderation is the Key to Success

Once you see the positive impact a carefully placed piece of art has on your home décor, you might want to add more. It’s not a good idea, though. Unless the pieces have a contextual connection, you should keep them separate. Always keep in mind that in a home setting, artwork should only be used to enhance your décor. Never allow it to dominate the space or even worse clutter the room with too many pieces.

Choose the Right Motif

Unlike other home accessories, artwork has a soul. Each piece (be it painting or a sculpture) has its own story. When you pick art for your home, you need to make sure it resonates with the purpose and theme of the room you intend to place it in. Most people stick to well-known styles and motifs like food motifs for the kitchen. However, if you feel confident enough you could step it up a notch and let the theme of the artwork stretch through your entire property. You can find some fantastic examples of art collections suitable for every home at Saatchiart.

Classical Vs. Unconventional

Displaying art pieces is not an easy job. While you have to be careful about the motif, the tetures, the colours and the size of each piece, you also need to decide how exactly you will show it off. Usually a blank wall is every home owner’s first choice. Still, you shouldn’t limit yourself to this option only. In a contemporary of shabby chic setting, propping up a piece of art against the wall or a piece of furniture instead of hanging it will create a more laid-back, even artistic atmosphere.

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