3 Tips For Choosing Bedroom Furniture For Your Kids

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Buying the right furniture is essential for every corner of your home, and children’s bedroom furniture is no exception. But let’s be honest – choosing furniture for your child isn’t an easy task. It can be exciting and stressful at the same time. The furniture you choose for your children’s bedroom will depend on how old they are and the design. This will help you dictate the style, size, material, and quantity of the furniture required. You can unleash your imagination and choose furniture pieces that can create thousands of delightful childhood memories. 

However, the catch here is to find items that tick all the boxes:

  • Comfort
  • Fun
  • Safety
  • Functionality

Keeping these four factors in mind you will be able to choose from a wide range of beds, desks, chairs, tables, and so much more. All you have to do is to invest your time in finding the furniture that suits your child’s needs and the style of their bedroom. Additionally, there also “buy now, pay later” payment options offered by many online stores in Australia. You can also use AfterPay to buy kids’ furniture.

So, let’s take a look at a few essential tips that will help you to choose the right furniture for your kids.

1) Maintain the Overall Theme of the Room

If you are planning to furnish a new room, it is essential to have a guiding theme so that everything goes hand-in-hand. For example, if your kids love superheroes, then you can get them superhero-themed furniture. Selecting a theme will also help you choose the right colours that can go well with your kid’s room decor. Colours should blend well with each other without giving a dull or uniform appearance. Do a quick online on what sort of colour clash or which ones can be matched. Additionally, you can always customise furniture that suits a particular theme. The way to get kid’s room ideas for furnishing and decoration is to do extensive research.

2) Ensure Safety 

Your kid’s room furniture should be safe in every way, regardless of the kid’s age. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the most suitable and safe furniture for your kids.

  • Avoid choosing furniture with rounded edges. Kids are quite playful, and any mishap can end up with them hurting badly. You can also buy corner guards to avoid such incidents.
  • If the furniture is DIY or custom made, make sure you use only water-based paint and let it cure for the right time. If you are buying it from stores, check for a non-toxic certification.
  • Check out for any potential hazards like hinges, crawl spaces, climbing hazards, and tipping. Always choose furniture with wide legs and heavy bases.
  • Avoid folding furniture to reduce the risk of pinching.

How you organise your kids’ room is equally essential for safety. Don’t place a desk in the middle of the room where it will easily tumble. Instead, anchor it to the wall.

3) Be Practical

From a wiser and economical perspective, you should opt for more functional pieces. For instance, debunk the idea of getting a cot first and then changing it to a bed. Instead, buy a traditional bed and customise it with playful beddings.

The same thing goes for desks. Instead of buying those plastic things found in stores, get a real wooden desk that your kids can use throughout their schooling years.

Additionally, you can also invest in a proper changing table for your infant’s room. Many people opt for drawers or dressers, but these don’t have a guardrail to prevent rolling or crawling over the edge. 

Author: Sam

Samantha Winterland (Sam) is the owner and creator of Best Home Ideas. Having graduated from the Withehouse Institute of Design Australia, she has devoted her blog to exploring the latest innovations in interior design. Sam admits she loves everything DIY and is always ready to face a new challenge.

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