Eco Home Building and Remodeling: The Joys of Going Green

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Green building

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Commercial contractors who implement green building materials are sure to see boom times ahead. That’s because commercial and residential projects are, ever more frequently, incorporating environmentally safe elements into their designs. In fact, the global market for green building materials is projected to exceed $254 billion in 2020, up from about $116 billion in 2013.  

Many residential buildings now feature great innovations. For instance, in areas that are often drought-stricken, many newer homes utilize underground machinery that recycles shower and laundry water, and uses that water to irrigate gardens and lawns. This technology is not only ecologically helpful it also reduces water bills.

Harnessing outdoor energy, in particular, the energy of the sun is likewise instrumental in green construction. Many hotels, for instance, are building skylights galore. Skylights are attractive architecturally and greatly reduce electricity usage; hotel guests may enjoy natural light rather than turning on the electric variety. More and more often hotels heat swimming pools with solar energy as well, and they even use this kind of energy to provide guests with hot water in their rooms.

Solar energy is viable for private residences, too. Whereas the phrase “outdoor rooms” once referred only to decks, patios, and terraces, outdoor rooms are now more varied, more elaborate, and more beautiful than ever before. Some are private courtyards offering privacy day and night. Others are screened-in porches with fireplaces — porches that homeowners may enjoy year-round. Others include such features as curtains, TV’s, fire pits, and plush furniture. And the sun illuminates all these rooms.

The green technologies have a few elements in common: They’re comfortable, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing. They banish forever the stereotype that green materials require sacrifice on the part of commercial and residential owners, or that such materials are visually unappealing. And the fact that these materials save people a great deal of money over the long haul is green icing on an environmentally friendly cake. Millions of travelers travel to Vegas every year and can see these materials up close and personal. Its truly an exciting time in the green industry.


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  2. I made a resolution to go green this year. Every remodeling project i will take on this year will take the green concept into consideration. Thanks for highlighting how important it is to consider green technologies.

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    • Hi,

      I am happy to have been able to help you. Going green in building is essential, if we are to preserve the nature for future generations.

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